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Welcome to @creative_chicky's Creative World!!
About Me

Quilting and Sewing are my absolute passions. Both my Mother and my Oma were amazing dressmakers, so I have been surrounded by sewing love all my life. While trying to juggle my two beautiful daughters Miss J and Miss N and my loving husband Mr Creative Chicky, I find the time to sneak off into my sewing studio with five cups of coffee and create to my hearts desire. I specialize in dressmaking and alterations, quilts and handbags and anything made with fabric and love Xxx


@creative_chicky (Sylvia Clough)

Creative chicky canberra

Sorry there are no video tutorials as of yet:-)

If you want to see more of Creative Chicky's creative happenings come and check out her blog.


If your interesting in some creative fun come and take a look at the up and coming Workshops with Creative Chicky at Addicted 2 Fabric!

There are always new workshops updated regularly:-)

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